Course 1: What Do We Say In Salah?

Learn the meaning of the Arabic words in Salah in this short course!


Course 2: Ramadan Fiqh 101

Learn basics of Ramadan!


Live classes:


Arabic Program (3)

About a year ago we started experimenting with a methodology of teaching Arabic taught to us by our teachers; Don’t teach grammar first! And with the grace of Allah, the progress we saw was tremendous. Allah willing, students who take this course will be able to enroll in a class teaching the meaning of the Qur’an by September 2019.

What do you get for taking our classes?
1) A lot of one on one time with your instructors
2) Interactive classrooms which are centered around student contribution
3) Regularly assessed work and monthly reports
4) An online system through which you can access your marks, attendance, homework and resources
5) You may contact your instructor or your TA for extra help and even extra classes free of charge
6) Recorded classes for absent students, provided the work gets done and the instructor is informed before time (limited use)

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